Our story from the beginning

The Integritouch solution tracks back to the late 1970's emanating from the Inventor- Anders Swedin's experience of television displays and formal education in (amongst other fields) how teletexting is displayed multiplexed into the space between individual image frames.

In the 1980's the Swedish Inventor Anders Swedin gained experience in the LCD technology from major Japanese manufacturers and in 1990 from different OnCell touch technologies. In the Inventors profession as Field Sales Engineer the daily task was to find competitive cost-saving solutions to differentiate from competition. At that time the touch screen manufacturers made touch screens, and display manufacturers produced displays. This with parts delivered by the same vendors. Anders Swedin's vision and dream became finding an economically beneficial solution where several extra optical and electrical layers of OnCell material were removed.

The solution he discovered was to use the already existing display electrical conductors to detect touch (Capacitive touch!). This methodology was basically the same as the one mastered 30 years earlier by the Television industry!

After a few first experimental designs, a feasibility study was conducted which led to the first working InCell prototype(!) in the year 2003.

Simultaneously patents were filed and the Integritouch company was founded! Since then till today the developments have been continuous, patents have been filed and projects related to the basic idea developed from the more than 30 years experience in this particular field have been successful!

Integritouch offers unique knowledge in the field of capacitive detection (High-speed 4-dimensional, multi-touch at ultra-low power! - as InCell, OnCell and NoCell applications).